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 Discover How To "USE YOUR WORDS" To Set A Clear Vision To Attract Your Ideal Client And Convert Them Into A Premium Paying Client!

Your step-by-step blueprint to have a clear idea as to what your book will be about and where you will write it yourself, use the anthology approach, or hire a ghostwriter!

In This Unique 4 DAY CHALLENGE You'll Learn:

  • Day 1: Why you need a book in today's business world that can be written and published by anyone.

  • Day 2: Learn the difference between a writer and author, different styles of business books with the advantages of each. The truth about best-seller status & the importance of a good table of contents, great cover and title.

  • Day 3: How to hire a ghostwriter, what they cost, and how to get other experts to contribute chapters, and the importance of a good cover.

  • Day 4: How do you get believable, positive reviews and instantly have a sales force promoting your book.

  • ​At the completion of these 4 days together, you will have the tools needed to "USE YOUR WORDS" to build your business with a book.

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      Rob Kopman

      Story Builder For Women Thought Leaders

      Rob, is a best-selling author (over 500,000 copies) of 30 minute-Seder and founder of Kopman Financial, The Amazing Women podcast which was inspired by many of his clients who are female entrepreneurs and business owners.

      Moved by their stories of perseverance and tenacity, Rob created an uplifting space where accomplished females share their wisdom and, in turn, empower and unite other women. Rather than asking the same old tired pre-scripted questions, Kopman goes deeper into the personal histories that motivated these brilliant women to succeed. What sets him apart as a host is how often he’s told, “Nobody’s ever asked me that! is host of The Amazing Women Podcast where he presents listeners with a fresh, female narrative that emboldens and empowers.

      From trials to triumphs, this compelling podcast offers an exclusive, honest look into the lives of businesswomen who have paved their own career paths, and who fully believe that others can do the same.

      His mission is to hear the message you are trying to say and turn it into the right message to build trust and credibility with your audience.

      Follow his podcast to and learn more at

      Connect on LinkedIn by clicking his photo. 

      Pat Iyer

      Writer, Ghost Writer, Editor, Podcast Host

      “Being an author in itself doesn’t pay the bills as much as the opportunities that come from being an author.”


      "Many people call themselves writers, but Pat is the real deal." Rob Kopman

      Pat is an experienced author, podcaster, editor, and ghostwriter who loves to work with others to share their knowledge and expertise. Pat has edited or written over 800 chapters, books, online courses, case studies or articles. She excels in repurposing content and assists experts to create online courses from their content.

      Pat also coaches legal nurse consultants and shares her 31 years of experience in legal nurse consulting in her books, articles, courses, and Legal Nurse Podcast.


      ·      Pat has written or edited over 800 chapters

      ·      She has written or curated 49 books including textbooks

      ·      Several of her books had other contributing writers, which is a way to produce a book without writing all of it. Chicken Soup for the Soul is a good example of that model.

      ·      Pat admits she has only made about .35 per hour in royalties, but has made millions from opportunities created by her books

      ·      "Writing a book has become a requirement for getting speaking engagements; it enhances your credibility as an expert in your field." Pat Iyer

      Connect on LinkedIn by clicking her photo.

      Guest Speakers + Roundtable Discussion

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      Expect a few guest to arrive during the week to share their personal insight.

    Week of October 11th

    3PM EST Daily for 45+ minutes a day

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